PS-Timetracker is a private project and free to use.

However, this project costs me money to run the servers & domain and a lot of my spare time to answer your questions and implement new features.

I don't want this site to be full of ads either, so I created a few ways to support my bot.
Supporting me will help to keep this project running!
And to give something back, I added some small features just for supporters. I made sure that these are just small gimmicks and the free level has everything you need.

Thank you for your continious feedback and support
- Simon



  • Free forever
  • Time Tracking
  • Charts and Statistics


  • Pay what you want
  • Show Trophies
  • Advanced Session Management
  • Faster Synchronisation


  • 2 months as Supporter included
  • Add all historic data to your profile
  • Import your GDPR/CCPA file
Free Supporter
Ad-Free I don't want this site to be full of ads either
Detailed Session Tracking Automated session tracking, sent by PSN message
Charts and Statistic View your sessions and statistics on the website, including some great charts
Contribute to Statistics Contribute to the Top 100 statistics of all users
Show Trophies for Games Mark all games in your profile with a platinum or 100% completion
Advanced Session Management Filter and edit existing sessions or create new sessions
Faster Synchronisation Official PSN Stats will sync once a week instead of once a month
Supporter Badge Get a  Supporter Badge on your profile

Not convinced yet?

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