Want to know how long it took you to finish your favorite game or complete that super hard platinum?
Just add the bot as a friend on PSN, it will start tracking your time and send it to you daily.

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Add ps-timetracker15 as a friend on PSN and send it a message

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Play any game while you appear online on PSN

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How it works

The bot monitors your online status and works as a time tracker to see how long you've been playing. That's it, there's not much more to it...
You focus on playing, we do the all the rest automatically. The only thing you need to do is to keep your PlayStation system up to date and appear as online.


  • You have to be online. Time cannot be tracked while you're playing offline or appearing as offline.
  • Unfortunately it also tracks suspended games, for example while you're watching Netflix/Prime and a game runs in the background. Putting your PS in Rest Mode will stop tracking.
  • You will only get a message if you've played more than 30 minutes.
    Don't worry, your stats are still saved and tracked, you will just receive them later.
  • Send the bot a message if you didn't receive a message yet.
    You will still be tracked regardless and you could check your stats on this website, but you will not get daily updates or the access code.


I didn't receive a message yet
  • Send the bot a message through PSN to enable messaging.
  • Check that you are able to receive messages, you might need to change your privacy settings.
  • Have you been online? Maybe there was a PSN update and you have not been connected.
  • Have you played more than 30 minutes?
  • Was the last message more than 24 hours ago?
  • Did you answer all questions with yes? Please contact me by mail

I didn't get my welcome message, does the bot work?
Yes! The bot can only send a certain number of new messages a day. If the bot gets a lot of new friends in one day, it is blocked automatically and cannot send new messages anymore.
The bot still works fine in this case and your time is tracked! No need to worry.
What you can do is to create a group or send a message to the bot. This will enable messaging in a lot of cases and you should get a message in less than an hour.

Are there any differences between the accounts ps-timetracker, ps-timetracker1, ...?
No. There's a limit of 2000 friends per account, so I have to create multiple accounts.

Can I receive my statistic weekly/monthly instead?
Yes! Check your profile on the website and go to settings on top of the page. There you can change the message frequency to immediately, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Of course you can also always view your stats on the website.

Do I need PS+ / PS Plus?

Is this bot free?
Yes. This is a private project and 100% free to use.
However, this project does cost me money to run and build it further.
Support this project

Does this bot work on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PS Vita?
Yes, it works on all PlayStation platforms that have PSN enabled and will show you as playing online in the friendlist.

Does it show hours played from the past before I added the bot, like PS5 does?
Yes. Please set your profile to public and add one of the bots. You can check your hours played on this website.
Be warned: PS-Timetracker shows your stats in much more detail and more accurate than PSN, so for now the data is separated.

Do you need my password?
No, and I will never ask for it!

Can I change my name on PSN?
Yes! You could receive one wrong message after that, but it will fix itself after a short while.

How do I unsubscribe?
Just remove the bot from your friendlist and that's it. It will stop tracking you and you will not receive messages anymore.

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Add the bot as a friend to know how much time you're playing.
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