STAR WARS™: Squadrons

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3:26 hours

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Genres: Action, Shooter, Racing
Played between 2020-10-01 and 2021-06-20
Platform Hours Played Players Sessions Avg Session
PS-Timetracker only all 9539 3318 9392 1:01
PS4 8445 2597 7904 1:05
PS5 1094 721 1488 0:45
Historic PSN Statistic all 6282 1834 6848 0:56
Please check out the explanation for the data sources at the bottom of the page.

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Data Sources
  • This data is not representative of all 100+ million PSN users! It can show a trend and can be extrapolated, but the sample size is not perfect.
  • All data is based on 29215 tracked PS-Timetracker users.
  • PS-Timetracker Statistic is based on PS-Timetracker users since the moment the bot was added. All hours before that cannot be restored.
  • Historic PSN Statistic is based on PS-Timetracker users too, but it doesn't matter when the bot was added.
    This does not include PS3 or PSVITA data, because PSN does not deliver this information via their API.
  • Data for the past 30 days is completely based on PS-Timetracker data
  • Rank, Hours per User, Total Owners and Total Time are based on Historic PSN data
  • All charts are based on PS-Timetracker data

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